Ford's Cuts

Millions of us in Ontario have already felt the effects of Ford’s cuts. From healthcare to worker’s rights, these cuts are facing workers on all sides. We can’t wait until the next election to stop this destruction. We have to stop Ford’s cuts now.


Doug Ford’s cuts to autism left Ontario children without access to diagnostic, therapeutic, and treatment services they needed most.


Doug Ford’s cuts to healthcare will make hallway medicine worse and mean not enough beds to care for the sick.


Doug Ford’s downloading costs to municipalities are just cuts by another name and will mean public health services like vaccines and food and water testing in jeopardy.


Doug Ford’s plans for education will lead to overcrowded classrooms, 10,000 fewer teaching positions and leave skills out of reach for future generations.

Workers’ rights and workplace safety

Doug Ford’s agenda for workers’ rights and workplace safety will mean more precarious work, lower wages, unsafe jobs, and an undermining of collective bargaining rights.